Monday, December 22, 2008

Chidren on the beach

Yesterday thunderstorms were threatening in the late afternoon and I quickly sketched these children while we were having pre dinner drinks out the front of the beach house.
I didnt have much time for sketching today as we were on the move all day but I have some fantastic photos on my other blog of the re growth of the fires 12 months on. We went to have a look and in some areas were very pleased to see so much young stuff coming on. Of course a lot of our scrub needs a fire to regenerate but some areas were so hot there was a very real worry that regeneration would not happen.
Lots of people people dont realise how big the Island is and it was an all day trip with sandwiches packed for lunch.
We have just had an excellent dinner of Kangaroo Island lamb chops I bought at the market yesterday with a salad and followed by more of the Christmas cake, which in all reality was just a boiled fruitcake but perhaps i put a bit much brandy in as it is delicious!
red wine of course with dinner., but we didnt have any pre dinner drinks or nibbles this time, I may never fit into my clothes again.

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