Monday, December 01, 2008

Sketchbook pages

Sorry for some reason I couldnt do any more with the scan below so I am writing this seperately.
I have had very little time to do anything except a few rough sketches in the sketchbook.
Christmas is fast approaching and we head off for Kangaroo island on the 20th for a week so I have to get all my presents organised and delivered before then. I am getting into rather a panic and I still dont know if the Melbourne family are coming over then or not.
Our computer signal has been extremely slow as well for some reason and I spend far more time here than I would normally, an absolute pain but apparently the 3G doesnt like a lot of use and I imagine there are far more people using it than there were and as well as that we are not in a good position for the tower.

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annie said...

Hi Penny. Maybe the trouble is all over. My internet has been a real so-and-so, this week. The gmail and Yahoo creep along and then just balk like mules.And the Reader is having a mental breakdown. Luckily, I have kept you all on my toolbar and can get you there, at least sometimes. I live in a small town and our poor server is just snowed under.