Thursday, December 25, 2008

From my sketchbook

Just a few sketchy sketches I have done in the last day or so.
I did the shells this morning, after I had collected them on my morning walk.
A totally different day today, windy and although not cool overcast and not such a beautiful day as yesterday.
Probably good for all those over indulging in Christmas dinner, we had oysters cooked under the grill with ham and breadcrumbs and soy sauce and sweet chili sauce with them done very quickly followed by a salad and with a very nice bottle of bubbly. Delicious.
Oh and I hope every one has had a lovely day today, we had a late afternoon walk at Pennington Bay, the sea was the most incredible colour but we were walking not sketching.


The Victorious place said...

I love sea shells but more importently I love the sea and beach. So invigurating. Nice sketchs and good memories.
Merry Christmas

Peachtreeart said...

You're truly dedicated! Merry Christmas!

annie said...

Has Millie paid much attention to the shells? The sea and sand are so
wonderful to bitsies.