Sunday, December 21, 2008

Penneshaw Farmers Market

We went to the farmers market this morning asn I bought all sorts of lovely goodies and also spent some time sketching. I did this when I came home, trying for color and movement but made it a bit busy. I will have another go at this.
John's birthday today and apart from walking to the market we had a lovely lunch of oysters and various things to with it that I had bought like aoli and chili sauce etc and then we followed that with a yummy mango and ice cream with a lovely sauvignon blanc.
He is sleeping it off while I play with a variety of things to do, like the altered book I am playing with.
My knee held up with the walk to the market where John caught up with so many people that he knows. I am hoping for an evening walk along the beach.
Sometimes life just doesnt get any better.

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Keith said...

I like the movement and splashes of color. Glad it was a good day.