Sunday, December 07, 2008

Watching the watched

We had coffee and this couple were sitting watching the boats in the bay, what you cant see are the yachts who were sailing too but not in my line of sight. the Norfolk Island pine really does have a lean to it too.
I cant find my sketch book I have been doing my across the page stuff in, I have no idea where I put it but I am too busy at the moment to even think about much sketching or painting.
We leave for a week on Kangaroo Island on the 20th and there is a heap of stuff that must be done before then, including hosting a bbq for my grand daughters 21st, the three birthdays, hers her mother and John's are on the 21st but as we wont be there I am doing this for the 18th, have just taken her younger brother out for his 18th birthday. December was a busy month birth wise.

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