Monday, December 29, 2008

Frenchmans Rock

This sketch is not showing up at all well. I did it while I was on the ferry in black pen and it should be better than this.
The little white domed shaped edifice was built to protect and commemorate the rock on which the Frenchman Nicholas Baudin or one of his crew scratched the fact that they had been there and found fresh water.
The actual rock is now in the visitors center as it was being defaced.
Hog Bay Penneshaw Kangaroo Island.


annie said...

I think you'll like the sketch more, later on. It's a trigger to refresh your memory of a much needed vacation. I hope your back and other possible kinks in your world mend right away, and I hope you get more needed rain.

Gail P said...

Lovely sketches!

merci33 said...

This is a lovely sketch and I'm so happy that I found your post...seeing your fresh delightful eye transforming page after page has inspired me to begin to do a daily composition on a small scale as the new year awakens with all those spanking new creative juices flowing. THANKS!