Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From the kitchen window

This is the mainland and the rocky headland along the coast, if I look to my right when standing in the kitchen this is what I can see.
I was trying with some wet in wet and somehow it went all misty and hazy.
We have an easterly wind blowing today which is not so nice, no good sitting outside for drinks tonight.
we went into Kingscote today and did a bit of shopping and had lunch at Roger's Deli, bought some abalone at the fabulous fish place they had, not crayfish at about $100 a kg, these were not cheap either but it is so long since our diving days of just collecting them off the rocks, now you have to have a licencse and they are no longer as available as they were, I believe these are farmed. I hope they taste as I remember them.
Oh for those young and carefree days of weekends at the beach and cooking the stuff we had managed to gather from the sea. we used to camp over here then with the children, a rather hedonistic hippie lot we were in those days, although our drugs were alcohol, and not much of that, and sun and wind and the freedom to camp where we wished.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That's a lovely painting, the misty look against the detailed land part. Have a lovely holiday and Christmas.
We are going to a little place called Greendale - my youngest brother's family get together with four of his children and their children. One family over from France. Alas, my sons and their families are all in Fiji at present.