Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Buttercups and ghost prints

I found a few buttercups in the wet area of the orchard today so here they are, not as bright as I had hoped, my limited fix program doesnt always do a good job but another small painting for today.
I spent the morning printing gelatin prints, first on cloth which I havent scanned and then the ghost prints onto watercolour paper. They are really quite interesting and fun to do. I used plant leaves from the garden and some drawings I had transferred to light card and cut out.
A heavy shower of rain has just fallen, a helicopter has flown overhead, possibly to check the power lines, it is cold again, we go from mild to cold at the moment.
We had another foal last night, I am not sure how many we are expecting at least 15 to 20, depending on who actually got in foal, she dithered around all day yesterday and finally had it at about 8.30. a whopping big cream Section B welsh colt. The mother was a maiden so we were a bit concerned as she seemed to think she was going to have it for a day or so.
Another busy day, no house work of course but I have had fun and a lovely walk around the base of the Bluff.
A lovely haiku by Shiki
After a shower,
the clearing sky
smells faintly
of hawthorne blossoms.


Julie said...

Love those gelatin prints! are expecting a lot of new horses!!! Amazing!

Angela said...

The buttercup is lovely.I really like your gelatin prints.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The prints are interesting and must be fun as you don't exactly know how they will work out. So many horses you have! Wonderful. So, Penny, when are we going to see horse drawings?