Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forget me nots

I am back to a small watercolour each day, I hope, I felt that as these are all through my garden at the moment, and I will need to get to them and pull them out soon before wherever I walk I spread them on my pants, my socks, you name it.
I love the blue haze that spreads over my garden at this time of the year, and you dont notice the weeds, but a bit later, I curse them!
I have had a very productive day clearing stuff up. I am going to need to move stuff out of my work room whose photo is on my other blog, when visitors arrive and I decided to get on and make a start.
Now I am back to aching but do feel as if I can manage things a bit better.
Still more stuff to do but at least I have one clear space!
All the pony photos have gone over to Sarah to go through and put on her computer, stacks and stacks of them so I now have two clear shelves, well I did have! At least you can see the floor and the old printer has gone. I feel good but this house really is stacked to the ceilings with stuff and I dont know that I will ever use it.
Our wisteria is coming into bloom so I thought this little Haiku by Naito Joso was appropriate.
Under the rock
where I sit,
legs folded,
a wisteria blossoms.


Wanda..... said...

I was going out later today to spread a few seeds of Forget Me Nots, what a coincidence!

Don't overdo clearing stuff, Penny. :)

Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

Thanks for you lovely comments Penny :) Thanks for entering the giveaway. I love your paintings and sketches.