Friday, September 24, 2010

Yesterday at Willunga

John had a meeting yesterday at Willunga and I had some shopping to do further towards Adelaide, I was allowed an hour but thought I would allow myself a bit more than that. It was actually almost two hours so I sat in the car and sketched the top of this building while I waited. I am not sure if it was always part of one of the hotels but looked more like a shop at the front. I just liked the arch and the windows and brick against stone.
We havent done a great deal, I have been pulling weeds and my back and knee have been telling me off, I had to do the weeks shopping so not a lot of time for much else. At least one garden bed looks a lot better but there are a lot more to do.
It is still cold although we did have a little bit of sun today.
This Haiku is by Ransetsu.
Out of one wintry
twig, one bud,
one blossom's worth
of warmth at long last!


Judy said...

Willunga is a lovely place to sketch. I have a sketch of an old house from Willunga in my bedroom.I love the shops, and unspoilt atmosphere. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Julie said...

What a great haiku, Penny! Are you getting any bulbs popping up yet around there? One blogger in Australian showed some tulips! She is in the southern highlands. It is weird to imagine you having spring now, and we are starting fall here! :)

suziqu's thread works said...

Can't believe we were in Willunga just a few days ago visiting - my close friend Sue grew up there on a dairy farm and we spent 2 days together visiting her old area 0- how about that!!!
x Suzy