Saturday, September 18, 2010

A really lovely day

I wont repeat it all as I have put a lot about today on my other blog (see the side bar).
We went up toAdelaide to see the Rupert Bunny exhibition at the Adelaide art gallery, and this is one of the paintings I liked, he did a lot of portraits of his wife but on the other blog there are such lovely ones.
We also went to the Botanic Gardens and I did this pretty sketchy sketch of a very old Red Gum log that had been brought into the gardens from else where I think they thought it had died at 500 years old and was over 1000 years old.
My camera is not letting me upload photos and I took a photo of what they said about it so I will have to wait until I see it to read about it!
I had a pretty miserable couple of days with a tummy wog and wasnt sure how I would cope today, but cope I did and it was so relaxing and really lovely.
Wonderful when that happens.
Oh and Weaver, if you are reading this, you asked what books people would take on a desert Island. I would certainly take my lovely copy of the complete works of Shakespeare and probably Chaucer as well, I think they would keep me busy for many many months.
No haiku, I have to go and get dinner ready or we will never eat!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
Botanical Gardens are lovely to walk through.
Desert island books - well, Shakespeare reads well now we are older but at school we didn't appreciate his amazing understanding of human nature.

Julie said...

Oh, my...such serious books for a deserted island! Of course, you would need your sketchbooks and pens at a minimum as well!!!