Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orchid and a Hufflepup

The first is a painting I did of the orchid in my sunroom, the colours have not come through terribly well.
The other , the Hufflepup, is a new pet for Carla Sonheim, I am doing her The Art of Silliness on line class which is huge fun but I am not getting a lot of it done due to other interruptions but I did manage to sit and do this little fellow
I spent a lot of the morning trying to cut back a huge and unwieldy sage bush that had managed to outgrow its location so sitting doing something silly was fun.
We were also asked to do a haiku describing the contents of our medicine chest, mine is not quite that but here goes.
Medicine chest,
Where is the elastoplast?
I dont know!

1 comment:

Julie said...

What a great little hufflepup! I want to see how to do such a "silly" thing!!! LOLOL. I like silly!
Silly = FUN! :)