Monday, September 06, 2010

Thank you and its wet, wet, wet!

Thank you to all who sent messages via my blog.
I think all is sort of back to normal now, if anything could be called normal.
I feel that the blogging world is a fabulous place, full of people you have never met sending thoughts and saying nice things.
I am still washing, going through some of my mothers things, and doing catch up house work. John was out and so not wandering in and out and under my feet so the floors finally got a good washing, of course he came home and didnt take off his boots so there are footmarks all over them. I blame the fact that his mother died when he was young for the not taking off of boots in the house. I thought I caught him young enough but I have never managed to get him to do it, when we were in Japan it was a real battle to get him to remember.
Any way in the middle of all the domestic chaos I managed to make for myself I did this wet in wet apple, that is why it looks fuzzy around the edges, and probably doesnt look like an apple but I am trying to do more painting, even if they are small.
The earthquake in Christchurch, one of my favorite cities sounds terrible and my thoughts go out to all those who were caught up in it, we experienced a 7 point something when we were at Queenstown skiing and that was scary but no buildings came tumbling down or roads opened up.
My haiku tonight is by Kyoroku,
Around the glowing coals
of a brazier,
old men tell tales
of earthquakes.


ArtPropelled said...

I find this watercolour rather comforting. Like warming my hands at the fire on a cold day. Giggling at the thought of John traipsing through in his boots just after you washed the floor. Its one of the things I can't get used to now that my hubby has retired. Dirty boot prints on my nice clean floor! Glad you are sort of back to normal. Take care Penny.

Umm Hanie said...

But he managed extremely well in our house for three stays even, with never a complaint - at least not to us!

You will have to train him better!

Lots of love,


Wanda..... said...

The apple does have a warm glowing splashing look to it, with that in mind...and the earthquake in New Zealand...your haiku matches your post perfectly, Penny!

shirley said...

Be glad hubby does not wear thongs (flip flops) outside..they bring in leaves and whatever else sticks in between the feet and sole.

What is it about men and wet floors. is it the boy in them wanting to play in the puddles again

I like your little apple painting and agree with the comments.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Luscious and lovely painting..