Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Photos

I have just paid for some more photo storage space, it takes about 24 hours to go through they tell me.
I am off to Melbourne early tomorrow morning, well I hope Virgin Blue have their computers fixed but I do have a boarding pass and a seat number!
Probably wont post until I get home, either Saturday or Sunday. I have left John with lots to eat so he and the animals should be ok.
Dont forget to comment to go into the Give away by the end of October the 4th.
I am mostly packed and ready to go, layers as I am not sure what the weather will do to me.
My Haiku is an adaption of one by Basho
First spring rain-
I plod on
Traveller, my name.


annie said...

Have a good and safe trip, Penny...

shirley said...

Enjoy your trip and come back safely and refreshed.

paddy said...

happy birthday friend p

annie said...

P.S...The 4th is getting closer, Penny. I better say Happy Birthday, now. Hope you have glorious birthday weather.