Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back from Fibre Forum

I am home from a fabulous week at Horsham, but didnt get much time for sketching. this was done at about 6.15 am with the sun just coming up enough for me to see the outline of the Grampian mountains on the horizon. I walked early every morning, it was lovely out and the sunrises were spectacular, some mornings earlier than others and it was a bit dark at times but breakfast was at 7 and a lot of mornings I was in our class room by 7.30. Really not a lot of time to just sit and sketch.
I arrived very tired but there. My box making tutor Glen was very understanding, as I was not exactly with it on Monday but we all made a box that day to get an idea of how to actually make one. then the decision about what sort of box to make for our major project. I decided on a Japanese style with a folded hinged lid and two small box drawers and 3 compartments, one with a sliding drawer. I was not sure if this was something i could do but in the end at the end of the 5 days, there it was complete and lovely.
I will put a photo up on the back valley seasons blog but will also try to sketch it up.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Welcome back to blogging. Glad to hear you are well and had a lovely week in Horsham. It's a nice country town and the Grampians nearby are fabulous for climbing and hiking. Now, you need a holiday back at home!