Friday, April 27, 2007

Braken frond

I am never sure how to spell braken, any way this will do.
I have had a visitor staying and we have walked up hill and down dale looking at ponies and cobs with her, so I certainly got my walk but no time to sketch.
I brought a frond home and did that here.
It has rained off and on all day, and we had about 40 mm over yesterday, wonderful steady rain and the garden is smiling, what there is left of it.
I am smiling too as this will be a huge help, although one rain doesnt mean that the drought has broken, we need more and more and more.
Today is Julies last day of her one mile from home blog and I will miss her. Alison has nearly finished too but Hashi is going to walk with me so that is a new area to explore and I am looking foreward to it.


Anonymous said...

So glad for your rain, Penny. There's an old story that goes around Texas during droughts:
"Sure wish it would rain.
Not for me, so much
For my kids.
I SEEN rain."

Alison said...

This is a lovely graphic sketch> I'm so glad you're getting rain at last. I will probably be in Adelaide in late September/October to be with my sister when she has her first, years awaited, baby. Perhaps we can meet up then. It will be like old friends meeting up :) I plan to continue daily exercising but not always plein air sketching - I want to have more time for other drawing practice - without a daily exhibition requirement which can get in the way of some learning, though I have learnt such a lot through this project.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, that certainly looks like bracken to me. Isn't the rain great in your area! I saw the footie on TV and it's bucketing down in Adelaide. Not much here yet but it should come. Reminds me of the 'Catch the Fire' guys in the Fitzroy Gardens praying for rain the other day. Perhaps they read the weather forecast as well!

Hashi said...

Hi Penny,

I'll be checking in daily to "walk" with you! Cheers, Hashi

Lin said...

this is a PERFECT bracken! We have them too in NC and SC! under every grove of pines!

Julie Oakley said...

Oh I wanted to comment on the bracken but now I want to comment on Alison's comment. I wish I could be there too when you meet up. I insist on a photograph!