Monday, April 30, 2007

Seeded paddock

This is the paddock on the hill behind the house that has just been seeded, not easy to paint!
A very grey morning again, but not lot of rain.
I have just been to Adelaide to see my mother as John had a late afternoon meeting. Not a good time to see her, she kept saying that my sister had sold her house and she hadnt given permission and she hated where she was and she needed the money. Over and over. It is all so depressing and she doesnt want to accept that she is nearly 95 and needs looking after.


Alison said...

Lovely sketch - you're really good at catching the lie of the land.I have been depressed all day about my mother's situation.It just gets worse and worse. I hope you get the follow up rain you need for your sowings.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Your paintings are looking really good and telling stories about the drought and recovery.
About mothers - (sigh) I wept for my Mum for the five years she was in care though she rarely complained, but she just would not come to Geelong to live with us. Said our bathroom wasn't suitable or something.
Now I miss her - or perhaps those visits to the old hometown - and rarely go up to Swan Hill these days.

Julie Oakley said...

This is so beautiful Penny - not easy but it looks lovely. What a tough day for you. When I read about what you and Alison have to cope with I know that I have come off very lightly. I apologise if I sound insensitive but I"ve spent forever trying to phrase this sentence.

Penny said...

Lovely to hear from you Julie. I think Alisons situation is worse than mine at the moment, at least mine is in care even if she hates it, unfortunatly she doesnt remember who has visited her when and afternoon visiting is never good, she is always at her worst and even tho' i point out that one sister visited that morning (we have a visitors book) she says she wasnt there and missed them.
She doesnt try to get on with the others who are there, a difficult woman, I hope I have learnt from her.
Alison, keep sketching, it may keep us sane!

Susan Borgas said...

Penny you can only take solace in knowing that you are doing the right thing to keep your mum safe. I just hope when I am old and silly that I don't give my kids to much heartache :(

Isn't the rain fantastic! My son and husband tried to do some work in the paddock here in the Southern Flinders with the tractor yesterday but the sticky soil from moisture soon put a stop to that job.

I love the loose feel with this painting and look forward to seeing many more works from you. :D

phthaloblu said...

What a relaxing sketch. You are a busy lady! So much to do. My mother is 85 and it is difficult to deal with an elderly parent.