Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I am afraid that all or almost all of the sketches i am going to put up are black and white pen sketches. I managed to find a few minutes each day but trying to paint was impossible. I de
arly love the friend we stay with but every minute of the day is organised! Here are the first two taken at random. A quick sketch while waiting for them to come in from a surf, and the surf was so washing machine like they didnt surf for long so not much time there, the first is along the beach from Northcliffe and the second is of banana palm fronds.
we had a wonderful time but without access to a scanner not easy to put up anything but photos and they went on the other blog.
Any way we are home but in Adelaide tomorrow, haircuts and see my mother, and on Easter Sunday I will be away at the Horsham Fibre Forum for a week, probably no computer and no scanner!
Home and washing on, bread being baked, dogs and cat and us fed, some unpacking done. We managed a long walk on the beach this morning, I did manage to walk every day and swim most days, but the food and drink rather got to the diet. Last night Moet Chandon champagne and all the sea food we could eat at the Marriott per favour of a very good friend, a wonderful ending to a great 2 weeks.

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