Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fallen leaves

I spent most of the day in the wet Adelaide hills at our Welsh Foal Show, luckily in an indoor arena and so had very little time to walk the dogs, enough to go out for a short distance and back and underfoot were all the leaves that have fallen off with the rain, I think these were mostly off the glory vine and the oak but the colours were lovely.
We did well at the foal show but it was so cold I came home with aching knees. My Section B filly was Supreme of Show and our Welsh mountain colt was reserve.
I really had no idea what the judge would do so it was a lovely surprise to scoop the pool so to speak.


Alison said...

Supreme of show - that sounds marvellous. Glad to hear about the rain - yes I do hope we get more. I must go leaf collecting for mulch - our street trees don't produce enough

Hashi said...

Congratulations on your wins. And lovely leaves!

Deborah said...

Beautiful colors on your leaves. Seems funny to see fall colors now when we are just heading into summer here. Congrats on the horse prizes.

aPugsLife-laserone said...

Hi! Love the leaves, very pretty. :)