Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lanterns and the moon

This is technically not what I did today or yesterday but the night before but as i spent most of yesterday in bed asleep and today trying to clean a house that hasnt seen a duster or vacuum cleaner for about a month it will just have to do. This was the scene from the balcony of the Golf Club at Yankalilla on Friday night, a huge moon with Venus and these wonderful lanterns in the shape of shells.
I still have a very red and sore arm from the vaccination I had and still feel a bit off the planet.


Julie Oakley said...

Delightful fantasy quality to the picture. If you didn't read the post it looks as though it's a purely imaginative piece

Alison said...

Hi Penny, sorry about your arm - and the misery of the drought - it's very worrying - there were so many dried up dams where I was cycling and a few mobs of cattle trecking the 'long paddocks'

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice lanterns. We have something similar at the time of the Celtic Festival.
Hope you are feeling better.
We are having some good rain again today.