Wednesday, April 25, 2007


walked the dogs down to the dam and when I came home I painted my sketch, the flowering reeds look quite fantastic in some lights, really pink at times or a pinky beige at others. the water in the dam is a pretty awful green.
Today is ANZAC Day when we remember all who died in the wars and commemorates the landing at Galipoli in 1914. I have no relatives who I know of who fought in that war but I had two uncles who fought in the WW2 and were prisoners of both the Germans and the Japanese.
I think it is a vague hope that we will not have wars, as today we seem to have smaller but nastier wars all the time.
On a lighter note this morning this came over our CB radio, a small exchange between our son and a guy who is rabbiting with ferrets. Son, Did you go to the dawn Service? slight pause, reply I dont think I know any one called Dawn. I couldnt believe my ears but it was funny.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Penny, you have a lovely contrast here in the lines and the shapes as you painted. It's amazing that every day there is something different to observe.
Dawn? That was funny.
Peceli was up in Melbourne and watched the parade go by. There are huge numbers of people these days joining in Anzac Day events. I wonder why. The Governor of Victoria made a superb speech in Melbourne - about post-traumatic stress of returning soldiers. I just watched some of the events on TV while I did that very awkward looking square for a peace banner. I might have to do it again.