Monday, January 28, 2008

Aunty Paul's Cafe

I nearly gave up sketching and painting for ever after last week but decided that at least I could still sketch even if at the moment I dont think I am working out the painting bit very well.
I am practicing but nothing looks right just at the moment so I thought I would get Aunty Paul's cafe down on paper.
I think the week of total concentration was a bit much so I decided to have some me time and am reading a new, to me any way, John Rebus novel by Ian Rankine.


Julie Oakley said...

This is delightful Penny. I think sometimes these classes can be stressful but the work does improve. I really like what you've been doing recently. I've just been feeling too ill to say so

Anonymous said...

this is delightful...and your wc paintings were much better than you's a challenging medium...don't give up!! deni..;)

Penny said...

thank you both, I wont give up, but I think I may stick with what I know