Thursday, January 03, 2008

My American Santa

I love this Santa, I bought him in Houston and he is made of a cypress root, well not a root exactly one of those big things that come out of the base of a swamp cypress, or that was what I was told. He is signed as well, but the signature is not easy to read.
A fun thing to sketch before he is put away.
We had a quiet day today after another very busy one yesterday, I actually stayed in bed and read until the rest of the family left to go to Adelaide.
I then did very little and a few things for myself.
My stomach has had far too much rich food and is rebelling so nice to eat and drink normally for a change.
We had a great night last night, with some of the grandchildren who were about the right age renewing friendships and the next generations catching up over a barbeque.
It was also beautifully cool so I have not had hoses on today, I am letting the springs catch up a bit.
Very hot and dry to the north of us, but down here a southerly breeze.
Exciting news today but all I will say is that we may get a few days in California in early April. I will let you know when it is definite.


Jane said...

I found your blog over my christmas/new year break. I was so sick of reading about winter events.... but here we are in SA, summer and particularly hot at that!!!
I live in Kapunda. We still haven't had a day under 30... and tomorrow will be 40+ again.
I don't want to sound as though I am complaining... I love it here and I love my life. I paint almost daily (if not I draw) and I wish I knew more people who were interested in making art... I suppose one lucks in sometimes... right now it is hard and I feel a bit like a hermit!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That's a rare kind of Santa! Are you going on a trip to USA? That sounds interesting. Meanwhile I hope your house is air-conditioned. Today it is another stinker here.

Keith said...

Hey, I live in a suburb of Houston. Glad something from here inspired you. Small world :-)

Annie said...

Happy New Year, Penny. I do love it when you paint and sketch in colours.
Here's to many more in 2008! That baby is adorable.