Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lemon Scented gum leaves

It was over 41 degrees today and John said the car registered 44 while he was out driving to a meeting around 3.30 this afternoon.
Very very hot. So after not really sleeping last night I had to keep my mind on other things and I worked at a bit of textile stuff I am doing and an acrylic painting and this, which was a small branch of the lemon scented gum which one day may fall on our house, but so far hasnt. Pen and watercolour.
It ( the gum ) is rather special as one of John's cousins gave it to us a long time ago as a seedling of theirs and she died aged 99 quite a while ago.
I hate these hot days, the chooks dont like it, the garden doesnt like it and nor do I, although I was sensible today and even though I was so tired, I did not have a granny nap but stitched.
Of course I am still trying to lose weight and tonight between us we have just drunk a very good bottle of fizzy red. Guaranteed to make my head spin and my waist expand but to hell with it, after last night I dont really care.
Oh and after looking up the net and trying to work out symptoms it is pretty obvious that the little mare whose tribute is on my other blog, was bitten by a brown snake.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice leaves - and isn't it hot! About 30 in the night here. A change is coming by this afternoon they say.