Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Simple colours

My hill in the background is too blue, but I was trying to use only a few colours, I thought three but I added a fourth to do this. I need to just do simple scenes and not fiddle too much. If I have time I will try another tomorrow. I am not sure I like Windsor blue, red shade, it is very dominating but nice and transparent but not amenable to lifting out.
A sea mist this morning when I went into Victor to get a few things and still cool but muggy.
No rain in sight for a week so getting very dry even though we have the humidity.
One of the clothing shops I sometimes go to was having a sale so I bought 4 pairs of pants, some to go away with when we go to California, I have been wanting a navy and black pair for ages as my old ones are getting pretty tatty.


Lin said...

Hi Penny!!! My gracious your paintings are really terrific!!!!!! and your style and flare are emerging beautifully!!! I love your landscapes, especially the cafe, Penny -- I find them very challenging .. and your portraits are well done. Keep it up, cara! I get so discouraged at times not meeting the expectations that my eyes give me to paint ... but I do think we're both getting closer ...!!!

Autumn Moon said...

lovely work, enjoyed your blog very much

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A lovely painting, bold with colour and good shapes.