Friday, January 11, 2008

Crazy fish

I love fish and I played yesterday with this done in acrylics and the shells at the bottom came from a table napkin so I suppose it is sort of mixed media.
The fish I did by myself, sort of a snapper but not quite.
We went to the big Rotary Art Show pre viewing tonight and I decided that some of my stuff is not bad at all, some things there were magnificent, like my watercolour teacher Lorraine Lewitzka's stuff, she won two prizes and there is no way I could equal that and I dont think I even aspire to but I have fun with what I do and much as I love watercolour I thought that perhaps I should play more with acrylics and see what I can do with them..
Out to a meal at a favorite pizza/ Indian we have called the Beach hut and floated home (On the bottle of white we had (plus the coffee with frangelico in it!!)
Much cooler but playing havoc with my aching joints so nice to finish on a good note.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You nearly tricked me with the cutout of the shells! Don't compare yourself with those Rotary art show paintings. Be yourself. I particularly like the embellishing work you do. Just have fun - whether it's a collage, textures, or paint.

Keith said...

Glad you had a good evening after the last couple rough days. Paint on! :-)

I am missing my camera batteries, so haven't been able to post pics of anything I am doing.

windblown said...

I always stop by everyday to check out your blog and latest art work. I don't leave comments often but just wanted you to know I enjoy your sketches, watercolor, and now the mix media (collage) you are doing. So sorry to read about your pony.

Tony F said...

Lovely collage Penny. The fish is gorgeous... I love the expression in his eyes and down-turning mouth.