Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mixed Media piece

In between ironing and washing and tidying up I had fun playing with this bit which is a paper napkin some threads, a small cut out heart and a heart done using portfolio oil pastels with a few layers of gel medium and some sparkly spritz stuff I found in the cupboard. I have three of these gesso'd canvases so thought I would play some more tomorrow.
The big news is that in April California here we come, I am so excited, I will get to see my favorite city San Francisco and bits I have never seen before and get back to my other favorite city San Diego.
This is mostly an all expenses paid trip by the company we supply our milk to, we have never been offered this before and although the money in lieu would be nice, I think this is better.
I will manage to catch up with a few friends and John will be with me. Usually I have done these bits on my own, although we did meet in San Francisco in '99.


Keith said...

This piece reminds me of San Francisco. Looks like somebody pulled your heart strings.

In April, my whole family will be in Washington State on vacation.

I'll wave South :-)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That is really pretty and I like the limited colour scheme.
Wow, you are lucky having a trip in the near future. I thought there wasn't any money in milk these days. Once upon a time my Dad had a dairy - His name was Lay and his partner Yeo - which sounds in French like lait and eau - milk and water!