Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today it was faces

One of the husbands offered to sit but I really wanted to do one of the faces that we had on offer from a photo, this girl had such a terrific face I knew I wanted to do her.
Last time I tried to paint a face in this style I couldnt get my head around it, still cant do it from a sitter but I do seem to be better with a photo.
I was really quite pleased with my effort.
You can see my pencil sketch first and then the painted one.
We have nearly finished the week and I get better!

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Tony F said...

Gee Penny, the last four watercolours have been fantastic. Love the face - you've really captured the sitter's mood and her hair is very effective. The buildings are lovely, but you've always been good with buildings and perspective. Well done, you must have shone in your classes!