Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Working with colour

Both of these are using a triad of colours, and I have left my note book behind!!
The first was using a purple, I think I had rose Madder, and cad yellow light and a wash of ultramarine, but I cant remember!! I am sooo tired.
The second was using ultra marine and burnt umber with a raw sienna wash. I think I am right.
I enjoyed doing this and the lines are what I like.
I havent put up the afternoon one as I made a total hash of it but I am learning a lot but oh boy it is hard work and when things dont work out you feel an absolute idiot.


Keith said...

Wow, these last couple days of yours being in class makes me want to find a teacher.

I am guessing that class may be difficult, but this effort will naturally incorporate into your own later, and then be more fluid... and enhance what you already doing.

It's exciting!

Penny said...

Thanks Keith it is a huge learning curve.