Thursday, February 07, 2008

49th Wedding anniversary

Who would believe that we have made it this far!
Probably not those who think I am a crabby old bag. We had a lovely day, out to lunch with a good bottle of fizz and a lovely view.
I painted this when we got home, not brilliant but sort of ok in parts.
Lots of seaweed on the beach.
At least it is in colour and not a scribbly sketch.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Happy Anniversary! So have a happy day and week remembering the ups and downs of so many years.
It's cool here today, and tomorrow is the big day for the chopping down of the trees, starting at 7.30a.m.

Gail P said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile!

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary, Penny. You two have a lot to celebrate.I do love this painting of your beach.

And so I wonder--how many beaches do you go to in Victor Harbor to sketch? I just got wireless for my computer and discovered that I could get surfing cams at Knights and Southport at Victor Harbor-- that is, if Swellnet.Com has got it right. I have to do it at night, of course, to get your day. They are predicting big swells.

Penny said...

Annie we have a lot of surfing beaches, see if Parsons or Waitpinga come up they are great surfing beaches. We do also have some quieter swimming beaches at Victor itself and not far away on the gulf.
Yes windy and rough at the moment.