Sunday, February 17, 2008

The end of the Hindmarsh river

The end of the Hindmarsh River, one of the two so called rivers that Victor Harbor sits between ends at the moment in a lagoon.
Anyway we went walking early this morning, early as it is so hot after days of lovely mild weather we are back to summer with a rush.
We walked along the beach where this river should come out to the sea but the sand has built up so much it sits there in a lagoon which I painted.
Obviously early Sunday morning is dog walking time, I have never seen so many dogs and I am not sure that every one does the right thing by picking up their poo's.
We are off to Melbourne in the morning until late Thursday so I may not get anything up until I get back.
John is still not well so it could be a fun filled few days!!

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PamYla said...

Very pretty painting