Monday, February 25, 2008

Near Frankston

We walked in the rain along the river that runs out at Frankston and I cant remember its name.
I took a couple of photos of boats that were moored and although this one looks rather as if it has sandhills behind it actually it had houses and shrubs and trees. Cheating I know but I am allowed to not put in things I dont want to.
This was a bit wishy washy too in real life but has been a little bit digitally enhanced with adobe.
Look it is a painting and with my busy life style anything is better than nothing!!
Life has been on the run since we got back, nothing exciting, just a lot of boring stuff that MUST be done and NOW, like tax and forecasts for the future, stuff no one wants to know about.
Actually the boat doesnt look too good either, ah well, it has some lovely memories.
Talking of memories, I am thinking of writing up just that, memories so my gandchildren have some idea of what our lives were like.


Keith said...

At some point, I was going to write a program that would roll a blog into a pdf book. Wonder if that has been done, that make a good gift, Penny.

I've got two sick kids now. Also, I managed to put a picture of a recent painting on my blog. Thanks for asking... and explaining what a nubian goat is :)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The boat is fine and it's a good memory for you and your family. Add stories too when you put your pics into a book for the grandchildren.

Wombat said...

Hello ... As a local I was checking on 'Frankston' on blog sites and found you. Thought you would like to know that the river is called the Kananook Creek. We 'locals' are only starting to appriciate it instead of using it as a place to drown shopping trolley's.

Keep writing.