Friday, February 01, 2008

Misty Mountains

I have been playing and practicing. Playing with colours and practicing in the hope that I may see something like this on our trip.
Wet in wet and then dry, using 4 colours, I quite like the affect. Of course it is a pretty simple scene.
I dont think this is the correct quote but to me it said "up the misty mountains down the rushy glen's we go a searching for little men"
I am playing with my paints and trying to work out what colours I want to take with me and in what containers. I would like a pretty limited palette so am seeing which ones I use most and why.


Annie said...

Really lovely, your Misty Mountains,
Penny. It inspires me because I have not reached your level in wet in wet, yet. I like the idea of a limited
palette and would like to know what you choose for your trip.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Experimenting is really good to get often unexpected results that you can try again in other paintings. That little quote - that's not about the hobiyahs is it? A scary poem from Grade 3 or 4?