Friday, February 08, 2008

Walking on the farm

I really hate it when this happens, I have just lost the whole post!!
Back to what I was writing, I decided that after mountains and sea I should go back to painting the farm.
The heavy green are pine plantations, the trees in the middle are the road with the neighbors property beyond.
In the foreground to the right is the paddock the yearling fillies are in and to the left is the house paddock.
I used a limited palette of ultramarine, a touch of alazarin crimson, raw umber and cad yellow (light I think).
The odd shower today, I measured 2 mm this morning, quite warm and humid when I walked.
Made up a delicious pork filet and proscuitto with lemon and vegetables in white wine casserole for dinner tonight.
John had meetings all day so he wasnt going to want to cook. Followed by fresh peaches from our tree and icecream.


Julie Oakley said...

You must be so pleased with this, it's wonderful, The composition, the road drawing you into the picture. I love it.

Keith said...

This is very pretty. You have subtely blended tonely into the distance creating depth. Shadows are subtle but deep. The composition and warmth in color makes the painting relaxing too.

In general, I like the stronger color you are using.

Happy 49th too :-)

Keith said...

I meant *tonally*, not tonely.

Penny said...

thanks for the comments, I am pleased with this one.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes,you have got it in this one! Ae the paddocks really as yellow as this? Certainly it's still dry in the Geelong relgion though we do have intermittent very light rain.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

from w
I didn't mean, for the first time, you got it! I just mean - it's a fine painting!

Tony F said...

Gee Penny this is a real goodie... love everything about it. Congratulations!

Gail P said...

Not only does the meal sound delicious but the watercolor is stellar!! One of those golden days even if you didn't know you were having one!

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece! I try to stop by your blog each day. You are so faithful at sharing a new work of art each day. I had seen this when you first put it up and realized I hadn't commented for a while.