Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The last mountain

This is the last mountain in my exercise of painting mountains at different times and their shadows. If I had been painting when we were skiing I could have had lots of mountains, no good regretting that now though.
We took my mother out for lunch which was good and she really enjoyed it but was pretty tired at the end of it, I think at 95 she is doing really well but do understand her getting tired, so do I!
Hot in Adelaide and really about 10 degrees cooler down here, so much more pleasant but John keeps telling me it wont rain until it gets hot. I dont think it will rain here while there are floods on the east coast. But maybe we will have a wet winter for a change.


Keith said...

I think you captured the shadows, atmosphere, terrain well... good depth and contrast... enough detail, but not too much... and as always good composition... not to mention good story.

I'm leary of offering a critique, since I really don't know too much... but anyways... it looks like that horrifying class may be paying dividends. I don't know.

Take care.

Penny said...

thanks Keith, I think in the long run it did help and it made me realise that what I like to paint is diferent but the basics are still good to have and know.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

This has lovely curved lines in the foreground. Enjoy your painting, that's the main thing and be yourself. Your Mum is 95! That is something, and you are a caring daughter to drive so often to give her treats. Good on ya!

Frankye said...

Penny, I really like your mountain paintings! They have good depth - perspective - and color. Your scribbly sketch is fun and very good. I had those of you who live in the other hemisphere in mind when I posted to my blog. You might enjoy looking at the photo there. http://www.artsydyke2.blogspot.com
I think it will be good for a chuckle!