Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bird, unnamed and unknown

Having a bit of play time, I cant go out so I am playing and not exactly getting much done.
I think I feel a bit better but trying not to think about it.

Small bird,
in a bright shirt,
unknown and unnamed.


Peter Shaw Lydhanson said...

The Bird must be lonely!

Wanda said...

Maybe you could just name it The Pennyhen! :)
Keep resting for awhile Penny!

Thanks for visiting!


Peter Shaw Lydhanson said...

kk, Penny such a good name for a bird! I like bird!

smarcoux said...

thanks for following my blog .. I will have to keep an eye on what your up to ... well done

ELFI said...

rouge - gorge.. en fran├žais!

Kay said...

but not unloved, since you made a lovely picture of it!