Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drawing lab, picasso animal

I am not sure if this an animal or what but it was fun to do and to colour in.
I told you there would be some odd stuff appearing and this is the first of what could be many.
The idea was to draw say an eye and then turn the page 90degrees and then another part of an animal etc always turning 90 degrees and see what you have at the end.
Fun to do when not doing much.
It rained in the night and is back to cold so I am catching up on some housework and cooking.
I even planted some pots that have been waiting for a damp day, only trouble is the soil 3 inches down is still dry.
I cant believe it.

softly falling,
damp soil,
new plantings.

1 comment:

Candy said...

I think it's an elephant. What fun! Definitely picassoesque. How's that for a word?