Thursday, July 22, 2010


I dont think I ever worried too much about monsters when I was young, or if I did they had no form, were just a malevolent presence.
Any way this is another of the exercises from the drawing lab and it started with drawing an eye and then let your pen go from there. I rather liked doing this and then coloured it with Inktense pencils that I then wet.
I have had a busy couple of days and bits were great fun and bits rather depressing, my mother does not look at all well.
I could rant about the things that are done but I wont.
I think playing with the drawing lab takes my mind off things for a while.
The weather has not been terribly helpful either, depressing grey and drizzle. My joints dont much like the cold either.
I did have a lovely fun filled lunch yesterday so I am so grateful to the friends I have.
A bit more Basho.

While moon sets
atop the trees
leaves cling to rain.


annie said...

Penny, I am so sorry that your mom is not doing well. It is such a worry, and I am glad that you are finding things to do that eases your stress-- he's an eyeful, that dragon. As always, I love the haiku that you share with us.

Julie said...

I aqm so sorry to hear about your Mom, and I hope you can do some strees relievng activities...which you, walking, etc. I love your haiku about the rain on the leaves at night...very thought provoking, and RELAXing too! I love how your zentangly monster turned out!!! :)