Monday, July 26, 2010

Inland sea

Oh dear, I still have spots on my scanner, I have tried and tried to get them off to no avail.
this is wet on wet background with the trees splodges from a cut up sponge. I had fun doing this. I may not see the floods that are now coming into the center of Australia but this is rather how I imagine it would look.
My sky isnt showing up terribly well, I find it hard with my very minimal program to get some colours to show well.
I walked up the paddocks today and have done Monday type chores inside so a bit of a boring day apart from the walk.
Still cutting shapes out of ezy cut to print with, I cant believe how easy it is compared to the lino cuts!
Not sure this Basho Haiku is totally appropritate but here it is.

Year's end, all
corners of this
floating world, swept.


Julie said...

Great painting...wet on wet...I am learning from you daily! Love your haiku!!!

daisy said...

The landscape is so beautiful, I will learning the painting from you.

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