Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its time for fires

We have had some very vigorous cold fronts roaring through, dropping some rain but certainly dropping the temperature.
I decided to practice painting a bon fire, well in our case it is called 'the heap' and every so often if we can get a dry day in before the bushfire season opens we burn it, all the hard garden rubbish and any thing else that will burn quickly goes on it.
Not today but painting a fire did warm me up a bit.
It is freezing out here where my computer is so back to sit by the fire in the sitting room, to warm up before I have to go out and feed 'the animals'.

Fire, so good to warm us
in winter,
so bad when out of control
in summer.


Wanda..... said...

I love a warm fireplace. Although we are at the beginning of a hot summer, Husband was splitting firewood yesterday for drying. Thinking ahead for when we have cold weather. Today we have a steady rain!

Julie said...

What a wonderful painting...your smoke is so perfect! Love your poem as well...