Sunday, July 25, 2010


I saw this yesterday when we were walking. John asked if it had a caterpillar on top smoking a hookah, no it didnt, just a cap of different colour.
John has been fishing and come home with some fish, I have been carving out new lino cuts but they are not quite finished.
Trouble is that I spend a lot of time bent over which is not terribly good for my back.
I also planted out some shasta daisies a friend had given me, I cant believe I lost a heap last summer it was so dry, but it is still a bit dry and I had to water them in. No rain for a few days but we did have some very welcome sunshine.
here is another Basho Haiku.

Loneliness -
caged cricket dangling
from the wall.


Merisi said...

Beautiful both, Haiku and drawing!
Good luck with your flowers,
may the weather play as man and nature need it!

Sally Westcott said...

Beautiful toadstool!

Julie said...

Lovely sketch, but a caterpillar smoking a hooka????? This sent me laughing good!!! LOL!