Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big fish, little fish.

We are back to cold wet and very windy conditions today.
So a bit of by the fire relaxing with a pen and pencil before I go on to finishing my knitting.
In early to the market this morning, I feel so sorry for the stall holders when the conditions are so awful.
I met up with a few people I know who busily told me I looked as if I was going to climb a mountain, I explained it was my ski gear and by the time I left they were asking could they borrow it.
John between showers was cutting back a huge plumbago which he thinks is where a fox climbed in, It all looks quite good out there now.
I have been doing another lino cut and have made a mess of it which I am not too pleased about, still it may be useful for something.
I think I am not settled at the moment and that is the problem, I want to do something but cant make up my mind what.
I have been going through India Flint's wonderful book Eco Dyeing and am sad that I had to pull out of her workshop. I think I must have a go at some of the recipes she has as they dont look too hard to do, but at the moment with it being so wet I will have to wait until I can go out and find leaves etc to have another go at it.
I quite like this haiku by Basho, but its not quite as cold as that here.

Light the fire -
how about this,
a giant snowball.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I know that unsettled feeling related to creative work - I too have it at present and cannot settle to any embroidery/textile work - it is so irritating but I know that if I start something I shallmake a mess of it. Join the club - it happens to us all sometimes, Penny.

elizabethm said...

I am feeling unsettled too but for me I think it is that I have too much to do having been away and I can't quite work out where to start!