Friday, July 30, 2010

From my sketchbook

The first are some beach houses that I want to try and turn into a lino cut, I am not sure how clever I am but will give it a go.
The next two pages are from The drawing Lab again, this exercise was to draw something, tree, flowers, face, cat etc without taking the pen from the paper. I did a few boo boos but finally got into the run and fun of the thing.
This was such a fun exercise and kept me amused for quite a while.
I have hardly been home.
Wednesday was pretty depressing, I couldnt understand what my mother was saying when I visited her, and I also got tangled in the media scrum for the PM when I went to get her flowers and I have to say I was not amused. What should fhave taken a very few minutes took ages.
A visit to the dentist didnt help either although seeing the Waterhouse prize entrants for Natural History art in various mediums was great and uplifting.
Yesterday I did mundane things like blood tests and then went and had a lovely few hours with a friend, sewing and chatting.
Today we had a long walk and my knee and hip are playing up but at least John is burning off the rubbish in my supposedly fox proof fowl yard, I wonder in there is a den under all that rubbish!
After this mornings walk I thought this haiku by Basho was a bit appropriate!
Old legs, still eager
for Yoshino's
flowering slopes.

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