Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hot day

Much hotter than the weather beaureau predicted, for both Adelaide and here. We went up to Adelaide to see my mother (who looked and was tired and fragile), for John to have a beard trim and for me to deliver presents to both my sisters for their Birthdays a few days late but not badly so. We also took out my older sister for a sandwhich and coffee, my younger sister was wondering why she has just bought a new puppy!
Home and tired and the house like an oven.
So this is a branch of dying leaves on the ground just to round off my day.
I am not sure why but this blog has a wrong date on it, always a day late, but I am not going to try to fix it


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It has been very hot here, over 37. We both must be thinking about the gardens as I just posted a pic of potplants - at least some are surviving.

I'm a bit crook, coughing a bit.

The date on blogs might be based on the Google blogsite which is a day later than us here in Australia.

Alison said...

Poor you suffering in the heat - only 32 here. To change the date, go to your blog dashboard, click on settings, then formatting, then choose your time zone. Mine was thrown off too when I 'upgraded'.

Julie Oakley said...

Those dry dying leaves really reflect your weather. Very well drawn.