Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Letter box

I think this may be the start of my letter box series. I was going to colour this in as it was bright blue with yellow daisies on it but after my trip to Adelaide I am suffering from an excruciating back, looks as if I may have to go back to the physio again. I think it is tossing slabs of heavy hay to the ponies but that and feeding them grain has to be done.
Cold and windy and very drying today,I am trying to be positive but it isnt easy, still no rain in sight.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice shapes and I would like to see it in colour too.
Re you method of feeding the animals - is there a way you can do this without straining your back? This morning I was helping Peceli pack and label boxes and lifting them up wasn't a good idea. They use forklifts and pallets but sometimes you just have to move them around.

Alison said...

You can always paint it later. When are you going to Forum then? After your 2 weeks away, or as part of it. I am SO looking forward to getting away for a whole week.