Sunday, March 04, 2007

Remains of Pt Willunga Jetty

I should have done this earlier but my morning wizzed by and I needed to finish this off. This was yesterday's walk along the Pt Willunga beach on a cool and blowy day. So I am a day behind, again!
There used to be jettys up and down the coast line but most of them have dissapeared or like this one only a few piles remain due to the severety of the storms that hit the Gulf waters every so often.
I really tried to get the idea of the waves coming in on this one and failed again.
I had a lovely time yesterday, we junk shopped, bought a bike for $35 now to get on and ride it, well actually I dont get it until next week end and I would imagine a helmet will cost more than the bike. If I cant cope with it at least it will be here for the grand children when they come.
John survived his Clipsal 500 state corporate box experience, had a few interesting things to say about some of the politicians but found some people he knew to talk to and he said the food was good, but he couldnt really get excited about the race itself and the noise was pretty off putting.


Alison said...

Oh, I think you've done this beautifully, Penny. Lovely, strong composition

Julie Oakley said...

Yes I like it as well. I envy your close proximity to the sea.