Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yatch Club

I wasnt going to put up any more of the melbourne sketches but yesterday was back to 40 degrees again and steamy to boot so my walk was not one in which I stood around and sketched.
This weather is very tiring, the air conditioner is evaporative so doesnt do well when the humidity is high. I am up so early doing the ponies and I have extra ones to feed and further to walk when I do, and lug full buckets of grain.
Now we have a cooler change and all you want to do is sleep. Water is getting perilously low, are about to run out of rain water for the house, we do have one tank with drinking water in it, and we will go onto the spring water for washing and showers etc but it has a high iron content so everything tends to turn red.
I have almost forgotten about the garden well not forgotten, you cant but not much is being watered. Stock are more important than gardens.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

There's lots of potential with all those shapes to do a colour pic of it when you have time.
It's going to be 36 or more here today. Our weather seems to follows yours by a day.

Alison said...

Hot and humid here too. We both slept terribly last night and now i am exhausted. Roll on autumn and hopefully more rain.

Julie Oakley said...

The perspective seeems to be really spot on with this one Penny.