Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More brown paddocks

More brown hills and paddocks, hot again today, we go from hot to cool with wind most of the time.
I was tryng out a small Indian made book I have which I quite like but it is very small and I am not sure about it, Instead of my good Winsor and Newton I was trying out the really nice little cotman set in a plastic travel box, it is tiny and fits in my camera bag. I like its size but will fill the pans with artist quality paint as they go down I think.
My metal paint tin is rather large and heavy, of course I still have the toothbrush case with about 8 bigger pans in it as well! No wonder my handbag gets heavy, now my camera, two paint containers, a small container of water, note/sketchbooks, pens, the mobile phone, a bit of make up, my purse and diary ,hanky, the odd band aid, and probably other things I have forgotten.


Alison said...

It does look so dry - I really like the sky in this one. I have just set up a second of those little Cotman boxes with a different selection of paints from what I've been using to date. I find the size of box so convenient.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice picture. I particularly like the trees in the front paddock. Oh, it is so brown. It will be hot here today.
Good that you bother to take paints along. I would get water everywhere if I did that.
Ah, the contents of a handbag. I posted about that once and got some strange comments because I had included a sharp knife in my list. (It was for sharpening pencils).