Monday, March 05, 2007


I spent all day in Adelaide. John had meetings so I went up to see my mother (I took her for a coffee but she was anxious to get back for lunch as it was going to be outside under their new shaded area!). To try to fill in the rest of the time, as it was a lovely day, not too hot at all I parked in one of the shady streets and walked, sketching as I went.
Adelaide might be a Capital city but it is still small and if you stop for too long sketching some one is sure to come out and ask what you are doing and get a bit huffy, I think they think you may be casing the joint so to speak to rob them so I had to be very quick and careful.
I was fairly safe with this one as it was an old house that had been turned into Docotors rooms so there was plenty of passing traffic and they were not interested in me.
I did go shopping and bought a pair of sandals that I hope my feet will like.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

This one begs to have colour added I think Penny, but it has nice shapes. You use a small notebook don't you so I don't think the police will really notice! But a shopkeeper might think you are taking notes or something!