Thursday, August 30, 2007

Adelaide airport

I am home from my 3 days in Adelaide very tired but it was fun. This was sketched while I was waiting at the airport to collect cloth dollmaker Patti Culea who I was having lessons with and who I was looking after for a few days.
The city and hills in the background and odd bits of planes and walkways, a hasty sketch but actually does give the impression from the airport.
A dreadful day on Monday, high temperatures and gale force winds, ditto for today but hotter, we broke records for August temperatures and it is so dry it is dreadfully worrying. Not any rain to speak of forecast for at least another week as well.
I have watered the pots and now have a bad case of hay fever, runny eyes and nose.
I dont know when my doll will be finished but finished she will be eventually. A doll that really couldnt be finished in a 2 day workshop as there is so much beading to do but it was fun and we had a lovely few days. I collect her on Sunday and then we will have a few days together before she heads east again.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good you are keeping on drawing Penny. Well, about hay fever - it's awful here today, high wind, so an outdoor cupboard, dozens of potplants, stuff on the verandah blown over, (scores of drawings came tumbling down from on top of a cupboard). My eyes and nose are really bad. I wanted to go to a garden party at the Botanical but it's too windy.
Have a good time with your friend.